Promoting positive death awareness and providing personal support for the dying.


I help people accept that life is meant to end, to think about what it means to have a good life, and to feel that way about it to the very end.


Facilitated in group and individual settings to explore thoughts and feelings about the most guaranteed life experience that is least willingly approached


Spelling out exactly what is important in life and in death


Putting the outputs of discussion and documentation into practice

This work is often referred to as end-of-life doula work, and the scope of my work also includes yoga, Reiki, and other wellness practices that help people optimize whatever life is, was, or will be. It is a multi-dimensional approach to living well and dying better.

Tamara's Services

How I Got Here

My name is Tamara Lyn Cookingham and my career path includes end-of-life doula, hospice volunteer, yoga teacher, Reiki Master and retired New York State Trooper. The personal path that so richly informs these professions includes early childhood loss of my mother to kidney disease, my own cancer survival, near death of my oldest child as an infant, and nurturing my father through hospice to death.

Throughout life I’ve been around death, experiencing for myself and seeing in others the fears, anxieties and trauma that can be associated with it. I have also come to understand that it does not have to be that way. I have learned to comfortably accept that death will show up on its terms by crafting a good life on mine, realizing each informs the other.

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Thoughts from a Death Doula

Good Directions For Life, Control Not Included

Good Directions For Life, Control Not Included

February 22, 2019

People die as they live. Some of the the hardest life endings happen to those who chronically try to control everything and everyone around them -or- whose lives are directly controlled by someone like that. Spoiler alert – all lives end in death. To try and control that only guarantees … Read More

If every day was a mental health day…

If every day was a mental health day…

January 8, 2019

Do you hear about suicide and say I would never do that? Have you denied even thinking about it? Fool. No, not the person who committed or thought about committing suicide. Thinking something neither would or could ever happen is as foolish as saying something like you will never have … Read More



January 8, 2019

Turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes…[Changes, David Bowie] I hear songs in a clairaudient sense that connects me with the living, the dying, and the dead. Deeper than that, it connects us all on a soulular level to the most powerful energy source. The one for which we have countless … Read More