Turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes…[Changes, David Bowie]

I hear songs in a clairaudient sense that connects me with the living, the dying, and the dead. Deeper than that, it connects us all on a soulular level to the most powerful energy source. The one for which we have countless names, religions, and an ever-growing spectrum of ways to access, but no scientifically proven way to understand.

My mind and body receives it. My touch, voice, and presence can transmit it. It is love, it is light, it is tender, mystical, magical, and above all, divine. Through that connection, people and animals are better able to let go of life and move into the next realm. So far, that is the stop where I depart and they dying continue on. And although I do believe in life hereafter, what I’m tuning in with full respect of, are the beliefs and practices of the person dying. They are what moves them through the micro-stages and macro-leaps that must happen for the deathing process to organically continue.

Death, like birth, and even love, has stages. You can’t hurry death, no you’ll just have to wait. The waiting is the hardest part. Death don’t come easy, it’s a game of give and take. Even writing about death’s soundtrack evokes inspirational tunes to help the process along!

Sometimes death is sudden, tragic. Its process seemingly linear…a gun, a knife, a bomb, a crash, a substance, spontaneous organ malfunction, natural disaster, or any cataclysmic event more powerful than human survivability. Even then there is a segment of time where cellular and soulular energy changes happen. Because energy lingers, it is possible to connect with it. Quantum physics, a concept my brain knows of but cannot wrap itself around, might explain it some. Even Max Planck, Einstein, and any other uber-intelligent human mind you might recognize as authority on the most complex theories has yet to unravel this one.

In the interim, my human way of being is to remain open to that which I do not understand. Accepting that while the origin and underlying mechanism of energy has yet to be discovered, it exists. Along with that existence is something that enables us to connect with it and each other. Perhaps when the time comes for me to journey closer to death myself I will have the understanding. Others who have experienced near-death or a coming back from pronounced death have described the felt senses associated with both. Although related on some level, this is not that. Whatever it is, I will gladly follow the sound bytes of the sometimes long and winding road, wherever they may lead.

This playlist is made up of songs that have helped release different tethers at different times for different people. The time frames range from a few years before active death through the moment of imminent death, and even well after. Whether simply letting go of a good and happy life, struggling with binds of shame, sadness, anger, and fear, wrestling with regret, or even just trying to reconcile the new normal of life brought on by death, every song on this playlist has helped someone move soulularly through the deathing process. Other than the few song lyrics referenced as inspirational to this writing, all selections have been affirmed by either a dying person or someone in their love circle as having significant meaning, confirming the relevance of lyric to life, death, time between and hereafter.

In the spirit of soulular energy connection, perhaps something in this random sampling of songs that have moved others may help shift something for you, easing ch-ch-ch changes we all face along our shared individual journeys.

SOULULAR CHANGES – Volume 1 ( 08/14/13-09/2618)

The Waiting – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Landslide- Fleetwood Mac (also Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham Live)
Changes – David Bowie
In My Life – The Beatles
Harvest Moon – Neil Young
Beth – Boston
Let It Be – The Beatles
Grace – U2
Make Me A Channel of Your Peace – Sinead O’Connor
Long Time Sun – Snatam Kaur (also Girish)

If music be the food of love, play on…

Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare

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