Good Directions For Life, Control Not Included

People die as they live. Some of the the hardest life endings happen to those who chronically try to control everything and everyone around them -or- whose lives are directly controlled by someone like that. Spoiler alert – all lives end in death. To try and control that only guarantees … Read More

If every day was a mental health day…

Do you hear about suicide and say I would never do that? Have you denied even thinking about it? Fool. No, not the person who committed or thought about committing suicide. Thinking something neither would or could ever happen is as foolish as saying something like you will never have … Read More


Turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes…[Changes, David Bowie] I hear songs in a clairaudient sense that connects me with the living, the dying, and the dead. Deeper than that, it connects us all on a soulular level to the most powerful energy source. The one for which we have countless … Read More

Do Go Gentle Into That Dark Night…

Forgive me, Dylan Thomas, for I am only borrowing the portion needed to talk about how to enter the space of someone whose departure from life is imminent. If that person chooses to rage, rage against the dying of the light, that is their unequivocal deathright. For all others entering … Read More

End of Life Doula Work: An Age Old Practice

We’re all end-of-life doulas. Given the trajectory of the human race, it is safe to say that we have more experience in direct service of the dying than not. Even Neanderthals buried their dead. Surely this was not with assistance of strangers who had never laid eyes on the person … Read More

No regrets? You bet.

I have no regrets for the last six years, said Grammy. This morning I spent time with my former mother-in-law aka Grammy, my former husband, and our two young adult children. Completing the family circle around Grammy’s dining room table was my husband of 3 years, my daughter’s boyfriend of … Read More